Bring a sense of place to your space

Shire Arthouse showcases beautiful landscapes from Cronulla and around Australia. We house a wide collection of distinctive prints and offer professional printing, framing and production services as well as frame repairs, replacement and installation.

We’re renowned for stunning Cronulla and other coastal landscape photography, evocative glimpses of the outback and abstract patterns of nature. Whether our lens is focused on the bark of a tree, a bush rock pool or the dazzling interplay of light and wind on water, you can be guaranteed of a distinctive, high- quality print with a strong sense of time and place from Shire Arthouse.

Everything we do embodies our core values of collaboration, experience and strategic insight to deliver a trusted photography, printing, framing and installation service suited to your needs.


Our collaborative and transparent approach means we work with you as part of your creative team, wherever and however you need us to.

Qualified and experienced

With over three decades of combined experience, you can rest assured that your project will be delivered exactly the way you imagine it to be.

Strategic insight

We deliver more than just images. Our clients feel empowered and inspired by our full suite of solution- based services.

Take home a little piece of paradise from Cronulla and across Australia.

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You can find us at Shops 1&2 38-60 Croydon Street, Cronulla 2230

Open Sunday 10-4pm, other days via appointment