The Shire Arthouse Story

Iconic photography, printing, framing and installation.

We inspire people to celebrate a memory or feeling through thought-provoking imagery. By sharing the incredible beauty of Australian places and landscapes we aim to create meaningful connections between those places and the homes in which they hang.

Shire Arthouse was formed by Tony Rea and his son, Kiah. Fast becoming the names behind some of Australia’s most iconic modern-day imagery, the father/son duo work with images from their own stunning collections, as well as those from other photographers, to create distinctive, high-quality prints with a strong sense of time and place.

Shire Arthouse was created from Tony’s appreciation of the beauty of Australian landscapes and passed on to son Kiah. From the garage of their Sutherland Shire home, a young Kiah would help his Dad Tony develop and frame the beautiful prints he had taken that week to sell at the local markets. Throughout his childhood, Kiah would spend weekends with Tony, manning his pop-up stall in Cronulla mall where they would sell their now-iconic prints to locals and visitors.

Kiah eventually followed in Tony’s footsteps and got behind the lens to become a talented photographer in his own right. Tony and Kiah now work together with homeowners, as well as interior designers and architects, to select the right images for their space. They also look after the production, printing, framing and installation of their own and other photographers’ prints.

Enjoy peace of mind, a quality finish and a distinctive look and feel that perfectly complements the space you are creating with Shire Arthouse.